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What We Do

From orthodontic practice management to new practice setup, Straight Wire Consulting has you covered.

Whatever You Need. We’re Here To Help.

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Straight Wire clients can expect six months of hand-holding. We are the personal consultant for the practice in every aspect. We’ll evaluate your strengths and weaknesses, and then customize systems designed around the vision of your office. This includes:

  • Marketing Strategy – Internal and External

  • New Patient Experience

  • Financial Management

  • Team Development

  • Overall Practice Enhancements

  • Treatment Coordinator Coaching

  • Patient Coordinator and Scheduling Coordinator Coaching

  • New Practice Set Up

Orthodontic Practice Management Services

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Treatment Coordinators

The New Patient Consultation is a show. There are lines, cues, a song, and a dance. Straight Wire teaches the routine and empowers your team with the freedom to customize it in a way that they believe in, nailing the steps in order to achieve the highest level of case acceptance.

Not trying to show favoritism, but Treatment Coordinators hold a special place in Straight Wire’s heart. They are the doctor’s right hand, the conductor of the production train, and liaison of the entire office. Frankly, a TC must be a very likable person, appealing to many different personalities so that all types of new patients can relate. There’s a lot on the shoulders of the TC and it takes a special person to own this role.

For current TCs, Straight Wire consultants will work exclusively at increasing case acceptance by honing in on their current talents and adding techniques we’ve picked up over the years to truly master the craft of orthodontic case acceptance.


  • Exam Flow
  • Case Acceptance
  • Conversion Tracking
  • Pending Protocol
  • Closing Concepts and Scripting
Patient Coordinators

Patient Coordinators go by a multitude of names: Scheduling Coordinators, New Patient Coordinators, Receptionists, and more. Whatever the name, they are a vital piece of the puzzle and must work in sync with the Treatment Coordinator. They are your new patients’ first impression of your practice, and as we all know, you don’t get a second chance at a first impression. We will focus on verbiage and providing ideal support to the TC.

Clinical Coordinators

Let’s not forget those who “make it happen.” Your clinical team is the back bone of the practice and are equally important, executing our strategies and providing exceptional patient care. Our consultants will teach them the scripting, flow, and clinical skills to equip them with the tools for practice growth.


  • System Design of the New Patient Experience
  • Concepts and Scripting
  • Performance Evaluations
  • Defined Roles and Responsibilities
Marketing Strategy Plans

Get them talking about you!

Everyone is TIRED of the monthly muffin deliveries! Stop doing them and move towards more meaningful marketing.

Straight Wire’s marketing services will be unique to each office’s needs and are always referred to as “outside of the box.” They include stamping your practice in the community, strengthening your bond with your patients, focusing on referring dentists, and opening lines of communication through social media.

Whether it’s one concept or multiple, we can formulate a memorable marketing plan that is worth talking about!


  • A map out of campaigns hitting both internal and external referral sources over the next 12 months
  • Internal Coaching
    • Asking for Referrals
    • Scripting
Financial Management

Contracts and fees go hand-in-hand with the psychology mastered by your TC after training with Straight Wire consultants. At the same time, we will help develop the financial policies of your practice that will truly set you up for success.

With the help of Straight Wire’s own Financial Analyst, our consultants will provide a “financial check-up” to review current financial stats and identify any kinks. This can also include forecasting and performance setting for the practice and team.

Do you have any delinquent accounts you’re just not sure what to do with? Areas like these can start to pile up. Be prepared to do some house cleaning because we aren’t leaving until your Financial Coordinator knows just what to do with each and every one of them.


  • Practice Performance Evaluations
  • Current Projections
  • Setting Growth Goals
  • Office Financial Policies
Practice Enhancements

Straight Wire consultants will comb through existing office procedures to see what’s working and what’s just not. If needed, we will simply rebuild from the ground up.

Our consultants work one-on-one with team members to enhance their strengths and “adjust any loose brackets.” Intensive focus on each step of the New Patient Experience, establishing optimal patient flow and remarkable customer service will translate into higher case acceptance and patient care worth talking about.

After a review of all current office policies, we will take a look at the correspondence that is leaving the office and going into the hands of your patients or referring dentists. It’s not always what you say, but HOW you say it that matters most.

Let’s not forget about aesthetics! Straight Wire consultants are up to date on office and website design trends. An evaluation and feedback with be provided on Day 1 so implementation can start immediately.

New Practice Setup

Straight Wire is fanatical about startups. The speed and potential of growth is exhilarating! Our consulting services give new grads the solid foundation of a seasoned practice. By providing intensive training to the new team, docs have the freedom to hire the staff they want, rather than extending themselves to bring on veterans. In addition to not breaking the bank, this hiring and molding method will allow new grads to define their culture in the practice without imposing cultures from other offices that may arise from hiring more experienced staff.

We cannot stress the importance of starting on the right foot. This is especially true with not only office policies and management, but also with practice software. The Straight Wire Team has worked with topsOrtho, Dolphin, Orthotrac, Ortho2, IMS, and more. With our clinical and administrative experience in mind, we can give honest feedback from our work with each of these systems.

New grad rates are provided to docs who are in their first five years of practice. Contact Tracy for details.

‘‘Training with the Straight Wire consultants has been fun and inspiring. They love what they do, and patients see it. I think that’s what makes it so easy to join along. They had the answer to every scenario, and we had some interesting ones! I thought I’d be nervous working together side-by-side in the consults, but they were so down-to-earth. The tips and methods they left me with are invaluable, and my case acceptance wouldn’t be what it is without them. I am a Straight Wire Consulting fan and can’t wait to work with them again.’’

- Brenda, Ortho TC, Dallas

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