Tracy shaking hands with a treatment coordinator talking about practice management consulting

What Sets Us Apart?

Think of us as the “fresh blood” of practice management consulting.

We Teach Concepts, Not Scripts

Tuesday and Tracy who provide practice management consulting for orthodontic practices

Let’s Work Out the Kinks

These days many offices have been coached to streamline, limit the “doctor-time,” and maximize the number of patients seen each day. While we are extreme advocates of efficiency and feel it is a required strength of a practice, Straight Wire is about bringing the personal connection that creates memorable customer service and loyal practice advocates. We will build on strengths, provide a positive practice culture, and work out the kinks.

Solving Problems, One Orthodontic Practice at a Time

We’re the only orthodontic consultants who are still practicing as Treatment Coordinators, allowing us to keep in touch with patients.

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Get More Cases

How we get it done!

Under our practice management consulting, we provide TC Coaching to map out an ideal New Patient Experience, evaluate your treatment coordinators' strengths and weaknesses, integrate our sales techniques, and provide training materials and scripting to ensure successful implementation.

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Be Marketing Masters

Patients will love you!

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Team Development

Create your dream team!

Tracy and Tuesday can make sure you have the right team members in the right roles by providing performance evaluations and personality assessments. Once the pieces are in place, we inspire and motivate the crew to serve you and your unique culture.

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A Passion for Start Ups

Nobody will know it’s your first rodeo!

Young Orthodontists come out of school with no clue how to get their practice up and running. Straight Wire Consulting has you covered with customizable materials and systems. From the marketing to business growth, we’ll set you up for success.

Shafeena Chatur, DDS, WSSO President, Seattle - actual client at Straight Wire Consulting
“Tracy is always thinking about ‘the big picture’ and focused on practice growth. She is a fantastic teacher; training our entire front office staff while improving our overall patient experience. Her abilities to increase case acceptance surpassed my expectations and broke our production goals consistently. I strongly recommend her services to new docs looking for help setting up or for established practices needing help to take things to the next level.”

— Shafeena Chatur, DDS, WSSO President, Seattle

Real TCs, Real Consultants Ready To Set Your Practice Apart

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